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Your children are growing up before your eyes at a pace you can't seem to keep up with. One week they're this tall and the next, they're that tall. On Monday they're skipping into pre-k, and on Friday they're jumping in the car with their friends. Okay, so maybe kids, don't grow up that fast, but as a parent, it sure feels like that. 


When I graduated from high school, my mom held on to a picture of me as a baby as she tearfully watched me walk across the stage. When I got married, she held on to me tightly as our photographer snapped a sweet photo. That very same photo hangs on her wall. 


Like my mother, you want to freeze the moment your sweet boy laughs or the moment your little girl snuggles your nose when your partner whispers in your ear, "I love you." I call these "the forever moments," and every family should have a few in their home.

Hi, my name is Mica! I'm the happy owner of Thamica Photography. I specialize in senior and family photography. If you have any questions about my services or my prices, let's chat. Call, text, or email. Or, let's grab a coffee. My treat. :)

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